Meteorological Data for Saraland Station

Latitude: 30.8302°N, Longitude: 88.0658°W, Elevation: 6.10m, Commissioned: 2010-01-27

Measurements recorded at: 2024-05-20 08:40:00 CST

Time: Date: Station:
Precipitation over the last minute (TB3):0mm0in
Precipitation over the last minute (TX):0mm0in
Precipitation since midnight (TB3):0mm0in
Precipitation since midnight (TX):0mm0in
Soil Surface Temperature:26.99°C80.58°F
Soil Temperature 5cm:26.58°C79.84°F
Soil Temperature 10cm:26.67°C80.01°F
Soil Temperature 20cm:27.69°C81.84°F
Soil Temperature 50cm:28.36°C83.05°F
Soil Temperature 100cm:27.21°C80.98°F
Soil Temperature 100cm [Hydraprobe]:90.71°C195.29°F
Soil Water Content:40.02%
Soil Conductivity (Temperature Corrected):-0.01siemens/m
Soil Water Conductivity (Temperature Corrected):-0.02siemens/m
Soil Type:Silt
Air Temperature (1.5m):27.86°C82.15°F
Air Temperature (2m):26.77°C80.19°F
Air Temperature (9.5m):26.76°C80.17°F
Air Temperature (10m):26.21°C79.18°F
Relative Humidity (2m):67.3%
Relative Humidity (10m):67.15%
Air Pressure (1):1014.13hPa29.95inHg
Air Pressure (2):1014hPa29.94inHg
Total Radiation:445.8W/m²0.63837ly/min
Quantum Radiation:973.24µE/m²/s
Wind Direction (2m):57°
Wind Direction (10m):130.8°
Wind Speed (2m):0.92m/s2.05Mph
Wind Speed (10m):1.01m/s2.27Mph
Vertical Wind Speed:0.07m/s0.16Mph
Wind Speed Maximum (2m):0.92m/s2.05Mph
Wind Speed Maximum (10m):3.01m/s6.72Mph
Battery Voltage:12.71Volts
Enclosure Door:ClosedState